Vanishing Existence -Oban (XXL) editions-. Limited edition of 3. This is the super large sized book form art object of 100 x 70cm. When it opens, 140 x 100 cm.

Design & Concept
Some of you may know that the leprosy is one of the oldest deceases described in the history. The disease was written even in the the Old Testament. In China, there was a part written in the Analects of Confucius.

To make the object with the atmosphere of Chinese paleography, it was necessary to choose the right materials. I decided to use traditional Japanese Kozo paper which is very high-quality and still can see the texture of fiber which I believe is the best to realize the ancient feeling.

Backside of Cover:
Nishinouchi purely handmade paper from Ibaraki prefecture known for it’s strength. Even if it’s wet, the drawing or writing does not run in water, the paper amazingly hold what drawn on the paper. This is the paper used for Tokugawa shogun era for their important documents. This paper makes the cover page durable.

All process are carefully done by hands with traditional technic.

Title calligraphy:
Title calligraphy is drawn by Misato Ichino, a Japanese calligrapher. She drew the title more than 30 times and we selected the right one for this object.

Vanishing existence
-Oban edition-


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Limited edition of 3
Title caligraphy by Misato Ichino
Produced in  May, 2016
All hand made by the artist
40 pages
100 x 70cm

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