We have organized the final judging event of PITCH GRANT on September 21st at Shogunzuka Seiryuden in Kyoto.

The audience ( they are the judges = mix of professionals and art fans ) voted for 2 projects that they want to support. As the result, following artists/projects have been selected as 1st PITCH GRANT grantees.

Unbreakable Egg by Kanae Yokoyama

Ametsuchi no Kotozute by Yuuki Toyoda

We had to chose 2 projects but all other 8 finalists have presented their strong works.

8 other PITCH GRANT finalists are

Shun Kataoka / Ana wo horu
Yukiko Sugiyama / CRASH
Asako Sugaizumi / Kazegafuki Tsuchinitsuku
Momo Yamanishi / Cast in
Yudai Omura / A flower on the rock
Tomimotoakina / Mamono
Yuuki Hatano / Search for His Home
Chiaki Orita / Image picture

I want to thank you for all the artists who applied for this grant. I also thank all those who attended the final judging event. It became really warm and nice event to support the artists.

Our staffs ( we were only 5 to organize this event) worked like crazy to make this event without any trouble. Thank you.

Thanks to Kyotographie for let us use the roll paper to make the screen and for many SNS announcement.

Huge thanks to the donors who supported the grant.

At the last, I cannot thank enough Mr.Higashifushimi of Shorennin Monzeki Temple for offering us such an amazing place. It was quite surreal I organize this event at this venue. I also thank Mr Hase, CEO of Hase building group. He is the one who worked so hard to find a venue. Without his support, it was impossible to organize the event at this venue.

Following friends helped us for the photos of the final event.
©Kenji Adachi / ©Ai Ishimori / ©Yu Washino / ©Shogo Washino / ©Kazuto Sano