The latest exhibition “Rhapsody in the dark” is now open at Festival Photoreporter as a part of the collective project “Unrest” in Saint-Brieuc France. Thanks to the Festival Photoreporter and Maps agency for the kind invitation to this project.

The installation is in a small cube with more than 150 photos and 60 contacts sheets.

The wall has no blanks space, and on the floor is a projection of the sea surrounding Okinawa in order to create the space without way out, which is actually what Okinawa is. Violence has always been seen in Okinawa in different forms. Now I am throwing this violence onto the audience in an enclosed space in order to force them to experience such lives. We can talk about Okinawa from a distance, but real life is where people are tangled in its harsh reality and history.

The exhibition is there until November 5th, 2017. Please stop by Le Carré Rosengart in Saint-Brieuc if you have a chance.