Lenina (2011)

– A village of nostalgia in Transnistria –

An old woman walk in the village.
A woodcutter with his horse.
villegers fishes small fished on the frozen lake.
A graveyard of Lenina village.
A horse drinks water of the lake.
A kid holds the head of the rabbit.
A wood cutter walk through the cut woods.
A shop inside the village where people also can drink and eat.
A family in the village eat breakfast.
A local technitian walk trhough the broken tractor at the factory.
An old villager drinks hand made wine.
A family of the Lenina village.
A mother dresses her daughter's hair.
An old woman sit on the bed.
Portraits of the soldiers who were born in this village and died for Transnistria war.
A school kid on the bus.