Tearing apart (2010)

– Red shirts crisis in Bangkok –

Red shirts supporters at Din Deang intersection where some fight between Thai army and Red-shirts supporters takes place.
Rama4 road from Red-shirts side. Red-shirts protesters hide narrow street on this road as Thai army tried to shoot anything they see move.
A red-shirts supporter try to see the situation carefully as Thai military snipers shoot anything that moves.
A red-shirts protester throw the small glass ball to the Thai army by a slingshot.
Red-shirts protesters car tires to the front to burn and to make barricade to hide themselves by smoke. Bangkok, Thailand.
A red-shirts protester scream at their colleagues to bring more tire to make barricade bigger as Thai army keep shooting them.
Red-shirts protesters throwing stones and sound crackers on the frontline of Rama4 road. Bangkok, Thailand.
A red shirts supporter stands in front of Thai army.
A shop owner on the street of Rama 4,  observes the situation in front of his shop where red-shirts supporters and Thai army faces.
Red-shirts supporters throw the stones against Thai army.
Thai soldier gets ready to shoot anything that moves on Rama 4 frontline.
A red shirts supporter was shot by a Thai army sniper and people try to save his life but not likely he could survive.
Blood spread on the street after a red-shirt protester was shot by a Thai army sniper.
A young thai brother and sister run to cross the road to go to the home to get their stuffs as snipers are top of the building nearby.
In front of the red shirts protesters' stage, one day after the military crackdown.
A red shirts suppoter is yelling and trying to tease Thay army.
A tired red-shirts protester on the frontline of Din Deang intersection.