Kosuke Okahara

Started printing

Finally new lab started working and it’s very smooth to print in this lab. I am quite happy as I don’t have any bit of frustration in terms of working condition. Because I have built the darkroom according to my way of working, it became very effective to make quality prints as I can more focus while working in the dark.

I remember by the time I joined Agence Vu, there was still a negative and print storage for photographers, a big machine looks like Tokyo’s 3D parking lots. There was a place somehow meditate, looking at contact sheets, discuss about your project over the prints, checking negs. that was good time… now it’s all gone (and I left the agency) so I really needed to build my own space to be zen and face with my images after coming back from shootings.

I am also happy with the result of prints that I made. Hope to produce more works from this new lab.