Kosuke Okahara



All of Kosuke Okahara's limited edition prints are silver gelatin, made by the artist at in his own lab, located in Leipzig, Germany. Okahara has been printing for 15 years.  He has collaborated with several master printers in Paris for his past exhibitions who shared with him valuable knowledge and techniques.

All the process are done exclusively by "hands". Particular attention is paid on fixing and washing in order to achieve the best out of baryte paper. Since we want to maintain the beautiful surface texture of baryte paper, we use acid-free water activated tape to stretch the edge of the prints on the clean flat board. This makes the print perfectly flat without damaging paper surface. This way of process takes time and space, and not suitable for mass production prints. We believe, however, this way brings the most beautiful museum quality result.

The lab has been carefully designed and constructed with some of the finest materials in order to make the highest museum quality prints up to 100 x 150 cm.

We also offer printing service as well as analog photography workshop. 

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